Day 021: Delhi, India (for Ghandi Memorial) | West By Sea
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Day 021: Delhi, India (for Ghandi Memorial)

Posted by on 2013/06/08

Day 021: Delhi, India (for Ghandi Memorial)

The Breakfast Club: ITC Mughal in Agra, India

The Breakfast Club: ITC Mughal in Agra, India

Good morning everyone. We’re about to check out of the hotel in Agra, and start heading north to Delhi. These gentlemen provided a very nice breakfast service and indeed, the entire team at ITC Mughal presented a very nice overnight here while we visited the local landmarks. Great work!

OK we’re heading back into the Internet black hole known as “underway”. This excursion ashore has helped work through a couple process issues for posting. We’ll see about streamlining everything for Segment 2. The upcoming segment will be the most busy, as we transit from Asia through Africa to the Med and northern Europe.

Keep the buzz going and please share this page so your friends can all join in the fun. We are going to have a second (smaller) Kickstarter project to pre-order the book starting in July sometime. So, the more the merrier!

Thanks so much for your kind attention and words of encouragement. News from home means more than you know. Travel on!

Thanks for sharing our story!

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