West By Sea – Journey Around The World

Travel with Michelle in the pages of her full-color journal.
Visit exotic ports on six continents.
Decode puzzles to find a secret stone.
Help fight brain cancer.

“Treasure Hunt Edition”

Plain text journal, no photos
“Marathon Edition”
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This book will make a beautiful addition to your travel library. The “Treasure Hunt” edition is 144 pages in full color and contains flip movies, encoded riddles, hundreds of small photographs from around the world, and 105 quotes and short stories that touch 40 ports in 29 countries on 6 continents.


Each book ordered is printed on-demand and shipped directly to you by either Lulu (hardcover) or CreateSpace (paperback).

To benefit charity

Proceeds from this book, after expenses and treasure awards, if any, are donated directly to charities on a quarterly basis, with the intent to benefit

  • brain cancer treatment and research
  • ovarian cancer research
  • families of deployed military personnel
  • wounded veterans

About the authors

Michelle M. B. Beale was diagnosed with brain cancer in early 2006. Before her death in January, 2018, she battled an invasive Grade III tumor through three craniotomies, experimental proton radiation, and chemotherapy. A life-long aviation enthusiast, Michelle completed a dual bachelors degree in Aeronautics and Management. She worked in Tower One of the World Trade Center in NYC, and as Program Manager for the U. S. Coast Guard Academy’s Institute for Leadership.

Edward K. Beale loves puzzles, codes, ciphers, and travel. He finished service in the United States Coast Guard after two decades as a shipboard deck watch officer, rescue helicopter pilot, polar science operations senior aviator, and academic dean at the USCG Leadership Development Center. Ed speaks regularly to motivate and inspire positive corporate culture.

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Hardcover 20% discount thru 20 Dec 2018

Save 20% on orders of print books
Use Code: TWENTY18
Ends December 20th at 23:59

Order hardcover here.

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Hardcover 20% discount code

Michelle and Ed finish the adventure together

Order West By Sea hardcover edition before midnight on Thursday 1 November 2018, and take 20% off from Lulu. Details:

Offer Expires November 1st at 11:59 PM EST
Your Coupon Code: TWENTY18


Thanks to all our fans for stopping by!

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Support Michelle’s cancer care

Hello everyone, especially Michelle’s fan club. Brain cancer is what prompted the West By Sea story, and the journey continues. The cancer started growing rapidly in October, and Michelle has lost so much in just a few weeks. Her brother-in-law created a donation page for her benefit. If Michelle’s story and spirit have inspired you in any way, this is one way to say “thank you.” By all means, share with your networks too!


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Welcome to ‘Corporate Feminology’ Listeners!

Corporate Feminology Radio Program

“Thanks so much for listening to my interview with Christy. I really hope my story inspires you to follow your dreams, soon, and (as Christy says) ‘live a life of total fulfillment.’ Don’t focus on the bad, maximize the good.

“Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!” – Michelle B.

(Referred from http://www.bshaniradio.com/corporate-feminology.html)

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Get your copy today

West By Sea is moving up the charts. Give a copy to that adventurous teen. Inspire a college kid to take a gap year. Or feed your own wanderlust – just get this book and see the world!

Holiday Shopping List

Get your holiday shopping done early

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Welcome to The Eleventh H.O.P.E.

HOPE Banner

Watch LIVE at 11am EDT (NYC), Saturday July 23rd. Twitter: @hopeconf | @edbeale

Ed is at The Eleventh H.O.P.E. conference to discuss his underway blog during the trip around the world.

Links mentioned in the talk and more information:

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Day 032: Masada & the Dead Sea

Day 32         June 20             Masada & the Dead Sea

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” ~ Mary Ritter Beard

Daily Position:  N 31º 48’ 02” E 034º 39’ 32”
Status:   In port, Ashdod, Israel, port-side to
Weather:  Clear & hazy, 26 C, WSW 9 kts, calm

The Dead Sea

Jerusalem is spread out below me in a sea of layered memories, the Holy Land. The Dome of the Rock gleams in a piercing beam of morning sunlight. Cross-topped spires shed long shadows across densely packed cubes, each with a water tank and satellite dish. Flowers of red and purple waft their sweet fragrance aloft, coating the dewy air, a western-slope dampness that does not last.

Over the ridge goes my bus, a winding journey down, down, down into the Jordan Valley, bound for the Dead Sea. An aquamarine sign proudly proclaims Sea Level in white letters, English and Hebrew. And I continue down, ears popping, to a West Bank security checkpoint. A woman sporting chest-length braided hair and a tightly slung M-16 rifle gives the green light to enter Qumran National Park. At 430 meters (1,400 feet) below sea level, breathing is easy, the air dense and salty.

The best way to visit Masada is by funicular from the valley and back to sea level at the top. Here at King Herod’s well-stocked fortress, a small group of Sicarii rebels withstood a two-year siege before committing mass suicide in the year 73. I tour a spectacular bathhouse, colorful Roman mosaics covering the walls. Water was heated below, piped in, and steam would rise through vertical tubes to escape small holes throughout the room. Back in the sun, I peer into the valley at the outline of eight Roman camps from the siege, surrounded by chortling tiny ravens who flash iridescent black and desert tan feathers.

Lunch is a vinegared affair of hummus and saged wheat bread: crisp, thin outer crust, inside soft and moist. I trade street clothes for a swimsuit, and race painfully barefoot across crusty, burning salt crystals to the inland sea. My skin fights the brine, and feels covered in an oil that will not wash off. It is so hard to keep my feet down! Stray drops taste bitter on my tongue, and I guard my eyes. After an hour I wash off and, giggling at the experience, sip espresso. Nothing is the same after you’ve swum in the Dead Sea.

(Travel with us around the world all summer. Purchase the book as a gift or for yourself. Please share the journey with your friends!)

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Welcome First Command “Journey” readers!

summer2016-feature-mainThanks so much for your interest. We have been clients since 1994. The company has helped make several dreams come true.

Michelle wanted to bring back her experience of sailing around the world, so others could experience the dream. If you know someone with cancer or other challenge who can no longer travel, this story is for them. She hopes they can travel along on this “marathon” journey.

This week she released a lower priced “text only” edition of West By Sea. It is available now! https://www.createspace.com/6306529

Dream, plan, save – then GO. We’ll see you around the planet!

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Text-only and Kindle Release: West By Sea

Kindle Edition of West By Sea

Kindle Edition of West By Sea

The book West By Sea is now available as a “text only” version, in print and for your Kindle!

Paperback is $8.95, 6″x9″ format on cream paper, 120 pages. Direct order here.

Free to read for Kindle Unlimited accounts, $3.95 to own the eBook.

(Note: to keep the download file small, the Kindle version does not include the armchair treasure hunt or photographs.)

Please enjoy!

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Cipher Tools, for the inquisitive

To date, we have received four accurate solutions to the West By Sea armchair treasure hunt. Here is a page with descriptions of various ciphers which may or may not have been employed in the book. Happy hunting, and enjoy! http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/

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West By Sea Book Review: By Connie Van Guilder

Book Corner

By Connie Van Guilder

(Editor note: Connie writes for the Choose Your Destiny blog, a weekly eZine that arrives each Friday with advice about health, family, creativity, and business. We recommend you go here and sign up for your free copy.)

Book Review
West by Sea: A Treasure Hunt That Spans the Globe
By Michelle and Edward Beale

One of my favorite genres of literature is the travelogue. Another favorite is the adventure tale. This book covers both genres nicely as we follow this couple’s journey of one hundred and five days circling the globe on a ship. The narrative is written in the first person and it reads just like they are talking with you, sharing the details of the trip in the present tense. They feel like friends right from the start of the book. The writing is conversational and lively, with humorous tales of the travails of ship life written amongst the details of their sights at each port of call.

The layout of this book is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is graphically pleasing, with pages colored to look like an antique map. Each page has three color photos of some of the most beautiful places one can find on the globe, and not just the major spots that are always photographed, but creatively framed photos of nature, architecture, and people. The Beale’s also provide a ship’s log detailing daily position, status, and weather. The reader is just as concerned as the authors about the heat, the rain, the pitching of the ship, and the wonderful quotes by some creative and famous people are found on every page, as well.

Although the words of Mark Twain, Aesop, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Oprah Winfrey inspire me, my very favorite quote in the book is by the author: “Onward I sail, because the world is just the start.”

But the element of the book that I find most endearing is the reason for their trip. Michelle Beale was diagnosed with brain cancer. She had a tumor the size of a lemon. She endured brain surgery and long, painful treatments to survive her cancer. In the face of this life-altering illness, Michelle and Edward decided that taking their dream trip was the best course of action.

They sailed across six continents, through 40 ports in 28 countries, sailing 34,634 nautical miles in 105 days. Each page depicts one place they visited. It is chronological, but it flows so well from page to page that the book is difficult to put down. It is so well-written that if it was black words on a white page the read would be equally enthralling; however, we are treated to so many other visual delights in this book that it is truly an adventure in itself.

An example of one of the rare treats the reader receives is on the page below the epilogue. It reads: “each faithful reader of this journal participated in a journey around the world and is counted among the honored members of the West by Sea Society.”

Apparently, there is a treasure to be found, somewhere on the planet, with instructions on how to partake in the search. This book is a treasure in itself. When you read, you are on the journey. You are friends with the Beale’s and you root for them through their trip, looking forward to each port of call, and each adventure they enjoy.

To top it off, the proceeds of this book are donated to charity. Do read this book.



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And then there were three…

A Fine Writing Room

A Fine Writing Room

We were excited to find another treasure hunter submission at the inbox this week. To date, that makes three. These intrepid decoders have proven that a solution is possible, with a  little work. Have faith, keep going, trust your instincts, don’t give up. Part of the lesson of West By Sea is taking the journey through the ciphers!

The authors are in Seattle for the rest of the week. Perhaps we will see you at The Elliott Bay Book Company?

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Day 082: Pacific Ocean

Day 082: Pacific Ocean

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