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Objects and other exciting news

Posted by on 2013/03/25


Hi everyone, we’re into the final week. Pre-orders for books and postcards will end on 3/31 which is Sunday (and actually it’ll be 4am EDT on 4/1 so those in Hawaii can still pledge late.)  Backers should review the campaign again and consider adjusting pledges before the deadline – several new rewards.

World Traveling Objects

World Traveling Objects

To give you an idea what we have in mind for Objects, this might help.  Ed plans to bring along a few things that are important. One of the pictured objects plays a role in the final treasure hunt. OK, maybe several do… From L-R, Top-Bottom

  • ASTD paperweight, backed by Connie. She wants to see it at spots around the world.
  • Sorcerer Mickey – Ed’s constant muse since childhood (thanks Disney Institute).
  • USCGA Class Ring – Ed’s ring from the Academy.
  • Atlas Shrugged lapel pin – “…armed with nothing but their own vision.”
  • Green Stone – mentioned in the book Zorba the Greek and a gift from Ed’s first mentor.
  • Volcanic Pebble – this rock has been around. It turns green when wet.
  • HH-65 lapel pin – Ed’s helicopter.
  • Bottle Cap – evokes the badge from the Disney Pixar movie “UP” given by Ellie to Carl.
  • CGA Idlers Pin – Ed’s sea chantey vocal group from college and beyond.
  • Antartica earring – used as a tie tack, it has also been around.
  • Figment dangle – another awesome Disney character and the patron of all Imagineers.

Backers have told us they intend to send these things already:

  • Rick – a small pocket compass.
  • Connie – ASTD paperweight (above).
  • Peggy – asking for pictures of donkeys and will send a small object.
  • Martha – Huckle and Lowly Worm finger puppets.
  • Will – a beer tap (might be on the large end but we can get it to fit).
  • Erica – asking for pictures of people making human pyramids in Australia and South America.
  • Matthew – a picture of his victorious team with golfing trophy (bragging rights).
  • Nancy – a picture of her family, “world” shots will be framed around a bigger version.
  • Bill – a Sergeant Ermey action figure. Sound: “My tour of duty runs another 85 years.”

Adventurer Certificate and Book

Ben is a great artist and drew for a magazine Ed once edited, The Howling Gale. He’s agreed to come out of retirement, join the team and produce the Adventurer Certificate. This quick sketch will evolve by October into a final piece of framable art. Adventurers can hang it on the wall as early supporters of the West By Sea blog and book project.


On the book front, we had a great conversation with a cool print shop in the local area. They print books for Yale and do regular print work for Honeywell technical publications. They have promised they can do small print runs and even handle the mailings. We’re scheduled to meet with their team on Thursday 3/28 and will post more with pictures after the visit.


First, our guest blog was published today 3/25 on Jet Set Times! They do a great job bringing you articles about travel – reporting, tips and human interest. Please check out the article and share.

Next, DJ Grandpa’s Crib will release our interview on Monday April 1st. The main website for Bedrock Communications will be the best place to find it (or just load the RSS into your podcast software like iTunes and listen every Monday: http://feeds.feedburner.com/DjGrandpasCrib). If you’re already a backer we think you’ll enjoy hearing our story in our own words. Since the show will air *after* the deadline we’re looking at ways to bring other people on board. At this point we’ll probably just focus on the trip and the early backers (You). Anybody else will have an option to be added to the email list.

And, the cool folks over at Sports Car Junkies Business Podcast have us lined up as show #3. Look for that this week, and give all their shows a listen.

Trip Prep

We’re finishing paperwork today for country clearance and visas. We’ve taken a look at logistics for the ship. They’ll let us send suitcases by DHL ahead of time, so that’s good news. Your funds will help pay for that and get all the stuff to the ship in plenty of time. The ship has Australian power plugs. No surprise there but converting our U.S. gear to the right currency could be “interesting”. The laptops already support 240v/50hz but some of the other chargers require 115v/60hz to work. We have converters already but you never know. We have 5 days in Sydney to test everything on shore and locate last-minute gear if we need it. Our stateroom is one deck up from and directly above the library and reading room. That bodes very well for reliable and convenient Internet access, a requirement for a daily blog!

For Backers: Next Steps

After the campaign Kickstarter takes about two weeks to process your pledges. Make sure your Amazon account is up to date. When your pledge clears their system you will receive an email from Amazon saying “Your payment to Edward Beale has succeeded” or something similar.

Also after the campaign we’ll send you a “Backer Survey”. The survey will ask for information so we can fulfill your pledge. For example, if you pledged a postcard we need an address. If you are sponsoring a page we’ll need the text of your short note or tribute so it can be published. If your level comes with “from a port of your choice” we’ll need you to tell me which port along our float plan. That sort of thing.

To everyone – THANKS for your confidence and support.

“Six more days.”

LATE BREAKING: Received Nomad and InDesign CS6 books. I run circles around CS3 but CS6 is going to need a jump start. Nomad is for design inspiration and planning.


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