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Short daily updates

Posted by on 2013/03/24

Full day Sunday with family activities. Here are some highlights from earlier in the week.

Nice progress today. Got an order of business cards in. I’ll be dropping them around town, linking back to the kickstarter project page. Only one weekend left. The next update is about Objects. If you could pick only one thing to bring with you on a quest, what would it be?

If you were going to ‘bury’ a treasure somewhere on planet earth, then reveal the location in a multi-layered code, how would you do it? Well on Saturday I met with one of the only “navigational anthropologists” on the planet to discuss planetary coordinate systems, spherical geometry and uncertainty modeling over some greasy food and burnt coffee. We had a great talk and are now considering sites where we can place the final treasure.

Working on some pre-trip logistics. It looks like the ship has Australian electrical outlets. 240v at 50hz, right at the extreme range of portable electronic specs. Looks like we’ll be bringing that adapter and an electrical strip. Can you say “single point of failure”? Time to craft a backup plan!

Also noticed our berthing is directly above what they’re calling the ship’s library. Should bode well for easy access to a quiet writing area, and much more reliable (and faster) Internet. Better to be lucky than good, sometimes!

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