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Video Update – Visit to Phoenix Press

Posted by on 2013/03/31
On Thursday Ed visited Phoenix Press. They’ll be printing your post cards. They may also be printing the adventurer certificates and depending on prices the paperbacks.  It doesn’t look like the hardcover book can meet the minimum numbers so those will be done through Lulu on-demand printing.

On Friday Ed’s interview went live on the iTunes Store as part of the Sports Car Junkies Business podcast. Start with episode #003 to hear some advice about starting your own crowdsourced project.

On Monday night we’re going to Mohegan Sun around 5pm to celebrate the end of the project and the kickoff to expedition preparations. Lots to do and just 6 weeks to get it done.  If you are a backer in CT, RI or MA (or you need an excuse for a little sun) we hope you join us. We’ll start at the cigar bar by the Tuscany waterfall, and maybe move on depending on the crowd. (No funds from KS will be spent on anything but direct project support.)

The response has been just incredible and we’re so excited to have almost 150 of you along for the journey. We’re looking into several ways to enhance the experience for each backer. Since these are the final hours, you can still invite your friends to come along. Know somebody who needs a dose of positive? Forward them a last-minute-link and help push the final tally above $10,000.

Next time: luggage, clothing, soap and toothpaste.


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