Update #11: weekly update | West By Sea
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Update #11: weekly update

Posted by on 2013/04/12

Hi everyone. We’ve been really busy. Three major projects in progress and only one month left before we leave! Michelle is getting her spring MRI today to prep for a final checkup before the trip. We have been getting our house ready to be mothballed for the summer and our stuff ready for storage. The luggage got pulled out and will be replaced. We got both passports back with approved India visas inside. Ed built a book mockup using Levenger’s circa notebook system. All the tech gear has arrived and has been placed in service. The Drobo mini is really a great piece of gear. We had another productive meeting with Rick the navigational archaeologist about coding the final spot for the ‘treasure’. We’re in touch with an artist about a custom set of travel-themed playing cards.

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