Day 011: Java Sea (Equator) | West By Sea
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Day 011: Java Sea (Equator)

Posted by on 2013/05/30

Day 011: Coral Sea & Java Sea (Equator)

From the Navigator:

In the early hours of this morning the ship entered the busy traffic separation lane of the Singapore Strait, passing Horsburgh lighthouse on our port side and the many anchored vessels on our starboard side as we make our way towards our local pilot boarding ground. We will embark our pilot at approximately 0600 and anticipate being alongside our berth by 0700. This afternoon with everyone on board,  the ship will let go her lines, move astern and turn before proceeding out and rejoining the traffic separation lane westbound towards our next port of call, Port Kelang.

Banner Image: Pollywogs after initiation

Sunrise at the Equator

Michelle shows off her Sydney Swans pride before the line crossing

The Captain, Neptune and his Queen at court

The Aftermath. The ship’s company has been found worthy.

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