Day 073: Curaçao | West By Sea
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Day 073: Curaçao

Posted by on 2013/07/31

Day 073: Curaçao
Status: In Port

From the Navigator
Throughout the night we will proceed at slow speed, firstly on a southerly heading before altering to an easterly heading as we make progress toward Curacao We will be embarking our pilot at 0600 who will be assisting us as we maneuver toward the quay. On departure that afternoon, once all departure checks are complete we will thrust the ship off the berth before turning the bow to starboard before setting an initial west north westerly course as we commence our passage toward the Panama Canal.

Two Caribbean islands in two days? Yes please! The remnants of tropical storm Dorian have kicked the easterly trade wind into high gear as we approach Willemstad.

An unsettled sky looking north from our berth just west of the Willemstad harbor entrance.

One of the locals was on hand to greet our arrival in Curacao. These lizards look very funny when they tuck their hind feet up on their backs to keep them from roasting on the heated pavement.

One of the local Coast Guard helicopters. They can probably circle the island a couple times on a single “bag” of fuel.

A pleasant place to consume a frozen drink of your choosing.

The backside of the local “floating market”. The Venezuelan boats arrive from the South American mainland every morning with produce and trade goods for the market. Then the vendors come ashore from the quay wall for sales to locals and tourists alike who browse from the sidewalk.

Yes, your intrepid travelers always try to get ashore for a high speed WIFI connection. And of course a few relaxing moments away from the ship.

This island upheld the promise of all Caribbean Islands – sun, sand, surf and suds. Come visit, soon!

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