Jimmy Buffett says “The weather is here…” | West By Sea
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Jimmy Buffett says “The weather is here…”

Posted by on 2013/03/08

This is what we have to deal with today.


Stuck in the house, we took advantage of the lull in the action to call our ship agent to clear up some details about the Australian visa. The letter we received listed the underway date, but of course we get to Australia five days before. It would not be fun to get stuck at the airport for five days waiting for the visa to become active. We would probably bribe someone before that. Luckily the visa was ‘triggered’ two days ago and is good for a year. Australia has an electronic visa system linked to your passport number. So once they scan our passports (fingers crossed) we’ll show up as legit in the system.

Fingers crossed also today for the power to stay on. Ed will be blowing snow and Michelle will be doing after-packout cleanup. We also plan to issue Update #4 on Kickstarter, outlining campaign stretch goals.


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