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Thank you for joining us on the journey. You are now part of the West By Sea story. Please help spread the word!

Our actions every day are guided by these principles. This is our covenant with the community.

  1. Be ambassadors for the brand. West By Sea is a platform. We inspire cancer warriors and caregivers to pursue their dreams. We promote personal and global transformation through travel. We bring magic and mystery to a world needing more of both.
  2. Constantly build trust. With each interaction, we try to connect. We are authentic. As human beings, we may falter. With humility, we take responsibility for our actions. If what we do impacts trust, we work to make things right.
  3. Strive for credibility. Anything we publish has been vetted for truth. We acknowledge we do not know everything. When problems are brought to our attention, we work to fix them.
  4. Build a positive culture. We are in the inspiration business. Sad moments will certainly come and go. We focus on the positive.
  5. Strive to set precedent. West By Sea is doing something new. We use social media tools, internet communications channels, non-traditional media, audio and video. We try to push the envelope for media outreach into new territory. We blaze a trail for others to follow.

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