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“We got to move it move it…”

Posted by on 2013/03/06

The movers are here. What they originally thought would take four days is only going to take two. Partly because there will be 7-15 centimeters of snow between the road and the house tomorrow morning. They packed and moved about half our stuff yesterday. It is always very strange watching your stuff drive off into the world on some strange truck. It was even stranger watching only half the stuff drive away. And a bit liberating. Packing out always forces decisions: what to keep, sell, donate or toss. When it comes right down to it, what really matters? A forced move will help you decide.

sporkIn this case we are forced to (yet again) consider what we’ll need for the next couple of months, and then for the next year. The added wrinkle this time is a second forced shakedown in May. If you are planning a world cruise but will just lock up the house while you’re away, you must still go through the process of packing, cutting, weighing, deciding. Each piece of clothing must perform triple duty. Each object must return value for the weight it adds to your luggage. Even the luggage must be scrutinized. Will this piece fit in a stateroom I have never seen? Do I really need the wheels or can one wheeled bag carry the others? Should I pack my titanium spork?

The movers return in just a few hours. And then the snow begins to fall. And I am grateful we decided to keep the snow blower with us. I just hope they haven’t already shipped my Sorrel boots.

(Also reading about Kickstarter funding curves today.)

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