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Day 009: Coral Sea & Java Sea (Tropics)

Posted by on 2013/05/28

Day 009: Coral Sea & Java Sea (Equator)
Position: S 7º 50′ 39″ E 118º 56′ 03″
Weather: 29ºC Wind south 10kts, flat calm
Last Port: Brisbane, Australia
Next Port: Singapore
Status: Underway in the Coral Sea

From the Navigator:

Today the ship will maintain a westerly course leaving the Banda Sea and entering the Flores Sea. We will parallel the Lesser Sunda Islands of Alor, Flores and Sumbawa throughout this morning on our port side. Early this afternoon we will pass between the Islands of Medang and Gosong Sakunci and setting a north westerly course towards the Java Sea.

Had breakfast with Robert & Jen from Auckland and Penny & Peter from Melbourne, then attended the port lecture for Kuala Lumpur (audio link). We plan some time on our own off the beaten track to visit the Petronas twin towers and a couple of museums. Ed then came back for a short lecture about ship passengers through the ages and a short lesson on making toasts at dinner (toasts to others, not the burnt kind).

After the daily choir practice we went to lunch and found ourselves sitting next to Stanley “Stan” Bradford. His stories are worthy of a post all by themselves, but for now we’ll just say he’s a WWII Australian Army veteran who would be going all the way around the world but his doctor won’t let him stay away that long. He’ll celebrate his 94th birthday in a couple weeks.

As we are reserved on the overland excursion to Delhi and Agra for the Taj Mahal we attended yet another briefing to be properly prepared.

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