Day 026: Red Sea | West By Sea
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Day 026: Red Sea

Posted by on 2013/06/14

Day 026: The Red Sea
Position: N 14º 53′ 31″ E 041º 54′ 48″
Weather: 30ºC wind northwest force 5, waves 1-2m
Last Port: Dubai, UAE
Next Port: Safaga, Egypt
Status: Underway, Red Sea

From the Navigator
Early this morning we will transit through Bab el Mendeb. Bab el Mendeb is the narrow entrance into the Red Sea separating the coast of Djibouti then Eritrea on our port side and Yemen on our starboard side. Once clear of the entrance we will set north north westerly course up the Red Sea for the remainder of the day.

The Red Sea is a major shipping corridor. We saw mostly cargo containers but also a few tankers.

As expected, this area of the world is well patrolled by concerned naval forces. The bridge seemed to think this was a Saudi destroyer. Any military experts care to chime in? Leave us a comment!

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