Day 037: Anzac Cove, Turkey | West By Sea
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Day 037: Anzac Cove, Turkey

Posted by on 2013/06/25

Day 037: Anzac Cove
Position: N 37º 54′ 58″ E 24º 34′ 44″
Weather: 31ºC wind 2kts, waves 1m
Last Port: Istanbul, Turkey
Next Port: Naples, Italy
Status: Underway, Anzac Cove

From the Navigator
During the early hours of this morning we will transit the Dardanelli Strait and once clear we will set northerly courses towards ANZAC Cove. We anticipate being off Anzac Cove at 0600. We will hold position off the coast and when ready to depart this morning we will set south south westerly courses across the Acean Sea. This evening we will pass the islands of Andros and Kea on our port side as we make our way south past the Greek mainland.

The ship is based in Australia. Many of the passengers are from Australia and New Zealand. So we held a moving service as we drifted in Anzac Cove. Ed has been singing with the onboard choir and participated in that capacity.

A Turkish grasshopper?

The port lecturer getting us up to speed about our upcoming three stops in Italy.

This was the last production show for this company. They did a great job with “The British Invasion”. This is the set featuring music by Queen.

Here we are working our way through the Mediterranean Sea.

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