Day 056: North Sea | West By Sea
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Day 056: North Sea

Posted by on 2013/07/14

Day 056: The North Sea
Position: N 57º 51′ 11″ E 10º 15′ 43″
Weather: 14ºC wind 35kts, waves 4m
Last Port: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Next Port: Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: Underway

From the Navigator

Throughout this morning we will continue to set various north north easterly course up through the North Sea. Later today will enter Skagerrak paralleling the coast of Denmark on our starboard side and at around 2300 we will alter course to the south south east as we round Skagen on the most northerly point of Denmark and proceed down Kattegat towards Copenhagen.

Welcome to the North Sea in the summertime. We have an full day transit from Rotterdam over top of northern Denmark in the Skagerrak strait enroute Copenhagen.

This picture is from the morning, looking to port in the north sea. The skies cleared up a bit by the afternoon.

There is plenty of commercial traffic making the journey between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Heads up folks – the next two days we’ll be passing back north of 60º North, which means the geosynchronous satellites all sit very close to the horizon. Sometimes at these high latitudes the antenna just can’t keep up with the roll because it is tracking low. Also a problem is the ship’s superstructure, stacks and masts blocking the signal, not to mention atmospheric interference. We’ll keep trying.

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