Day 066: Atlantic Ocean | West By Sea
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Day 066: Atlantic Ocean

Posted by on 2013/07/24

Day 066: Atlantic Ocean
Position: N 40º 35’ 24” W 068º 55’ 31”
Weather: 22ºC wind 15kts, waves 3m
Last Port: Torshavn, Faroe Islands
Next Port: New York City, USA
Status: At Sea

From the Navigator
We will continue on a west south westerly course throughout today through the North Atlantic as we start making our approach to the eastern coast of the United States and Cape Cod.

Eight days at sea, and I yearn for the land. Ed and I love sailing into New York Harbor. We met there, and after college I worked in Tower One of the World Trade Center. For me, coming here is coming home. Tomorrow I will be back, and I can’t wait. I am not alone in these thoughts. Excitement is building throughout the ship, and the passageways are filled with suitcases. Everyone is up early. Coffee in hand, our regular “breakfast club” members discuss the daily riddle: “The ruler of shovels, with a double, as thin as a knife, with a wife.” Possible answers are all over the map.
Honoring a longtime transatlantic tradition, the passengers stage an afternoon talent show for the crew. I sing with the choir, performing “An American Trilogy”, and as a service veteran, Ed helps fold a giant U. S. flag. Following dinner we are treated by the galley team to another extravagant end-segment tradition: a massive pastry buffet and Baked Alaska for dessert.

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