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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Allow myself to introduce… myself.

Today is the day: the go live after months of preparation. It is an appropriate time, as Michelle and Ed spend 20 hours aboard commercial jetliners, and losing a day crossing the international dateline, to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Beale, Ed’s younger brother, and as Ed and Michelle are currently airborne, I have … Continue reading »

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At the gate, JFK -> LAX -> SYD

The first aircraft has arrived. Only one bag was overweight by four pounds and required some shifting of materials for weight & balance. Security was uneventful and we are both properly irradiated. That’s nothing new for Michelle and Ed will just have to deal with the consequences, if any. A really nice afternoon to chase … Continue reading »

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Two tomorrows before it begins

Here’s a little test to see if this makes it to the blog.

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The Glitter Girls are going with us!

It was so cool to meet Kathy who backed an object for ’round the world. This is going to be great fun.

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The last look

This is the final view of our stuff before it went away into the vast beyond. No matter how many times you see it, the feeling is still very strange as you watch every worldly possession disappear.

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Backer Surveys are going out

Hi West By Sea backers, (you can also read this update on Kickstarter) We hope you’re enjoying the springtime. In less than two weeks we set off for Australia so it’s time to collect your mailing address. Each backer will get at least one postcard mailed from the ship (some rewards come with several cards).  So … Continue reading »

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